Freight Shipping in St Paul

Every business runs on proper supply chain management. To keep your business flourishing, you`ll need to maintain inventory and keep your products fully stocked. Kilian Truck Line Inc is the leading freight shipping provider in the St Paul area. No matter where your shipments are coming from, we can always ensure that they arrive on time and without damage. We make it our business to ensure that yours has everything it needs to thrive.

Freight Shipping of All Kinds

We know that there isn`t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to shipping. That`s why we provide multiple shipping options for each of our clients. No matter your product or materials, you`re sure to find an option that suits your needs.

Road Freight Shipping

Road freight shipping is one of our most popular options for many reasons. It provides the speed and flexibility that many other shipping options don`t have and allows for tracking shipments. It`s a cost-effective solution that offers numerous options, such as:

Variability: Road freight shipping allows for deliveries to local neighborhoods and across borders. You can take advantage of flexible departure and arrival times, and our trucks can adapt to any roadway conditions. If your business necessitates door-to-door delivery, road shipping is the best option.

Expedited Service: Road transportation is ideal if you need to get a shipment moving quickly. When transporting via truck, you don`t have to wait for the entire trailer to reach max capacity. It`s a very economical way to transport goods.

Small Freight Shipping

Small freight shipping is undoubtedly the fastest way of moving shipments and is an excellent choice if you need goods transported across a small distance. If your shipments can fit within a class 5 vehicle, such as a truck, and need to be shipped locally, we highly recommend small freight shipping. Other benefits include:
Potential for emergency shipments

  • Lower environmental impact
  • Specialized handling options
  • Flexible transportation
  • And more

Rail Shipping

One of our most cost-effective solutions for long-distance transits is rail transportation. Rail transportation is flexible and uses the extensive railway system throughout the St Paul area and beyond. Further, it`s an excellent green solution, as a single rail transport produces significantly less toxic emissions than road transportation.

Air Freight Transport

Depending on your product, air freight transport may be the best option. Transporting freight by air is no doubt the fastest way of moving shipments and is particularly suited to high-cost goods. Air transport bypasses natural barriers such as lakes or mountains, and fast delivery times can reduce warehousing costs. Due to its speed, air freight is ideal for moving perishable goods. Though it can be costly, its reduced risk means you can gain significant savings on insurance premiums.

Contact Us for Freight Shipping for All Products

No matter what product you need to be shipped, we`re sure to have a solution for you. Whether it`s dry packaged goods or specialty perishable products, we have the correct shipping method for the job. Give us a call and speak with our customer service staff. Let us know what you’re looking for, and we`ll provide suggestions on the best shipping choice to meet your needs.