Expedited Trucking in St Paul

Expedited trucking is the way to go when your shipment needs an urgent delivery, and you don’t have the time to wait. With such urgency on the line, you can’t afford to hire a company that’s less than perfect for the job.

In St Paul, there are no better options for your expedited trucking service than Kilian Truck Line Inc. We offer wide-ranging and comprehensive expedited services for many load sizes and types. We have experience shipping cargo from many industries all over the region, offering expedited freight services to many businesses in our community.

Depending on the size of your shipment, we will be able to provide the perfect vehicle to efficiently handle your delivery and have it at its destination fast. To get the best team of expedited truckers on your side, call (320) 251-2420.

A Fleet of Vehicles

When you go into business with Kilian Truck Line Inc, you’re gaining access to our entire fleet of vehicles. We have trucks and trailers of all types and sizes on the market, which means you’re sure to find the right size for whatever load to have. Having a versatile cast of trucks is paramount to our success, as we look to provide you with a service tailored to your needs and maximizing efficiency.

All our trucks are well-maintained and serviced, undergoing inspections between every delivery job to ensure every truck is operating smoothly, with the ability to complete your deliveries. We look to mitigate delays by preventing breakdowns and issues on the road that could affect our delivery times.

To avoid wasting your time, it’s essential that our trucks are always kept in top shape to do the job. To learn more about our massive fleet, call (320) 251-2420.

The Best Trucking Service

One of the many benefits of working with Kilian Truck Line Inc is being taken care of by a team of professionals dedicated to your success. Every member of our company prioritizes your deliveries to make sure that we’re providing the best expedited service around.

We have a customer service team that is always available to take your questions regarding your shipments, booking services, and delivery updates. It’s important to us that you always know what’s going on with your delivery service. That’s why we aspire to give you the best customer service in the industry.

Our drivers are similarly top-notch. We always screen our drivers to ensure they have a successful record of past deliveries, and we train them to be reliable and client-oriented. Their care for your cargo is what will help it arrive quickly and safely to the destination.

Contact one of our experts today for a team that looks after you and gets your load to its destination in perfect condition!

Flexible Rates on Expedited Trucking

The best part of working with us at Kilian Truck Line Inc is the way we rate our services on expedited trucking. Depending on the vehicle, cargo, and distance, we modify our shipping rates, but one thing keeps the prices in common—they’re all extremely competitive.

We look to save you money even when you’re opting for an urgent service. Our business is all about partnering with you to help you be successful. So contact us now and we can discuss the rates for your service. Just call at (320) 251-2420 for an estimate!